iLLUMIN8 LED Light Up Wheels 2/pack [Size: 58x32mm] [Blue]

In Stock

- Sold as 2/pack

- Pre-Pressed with 8mm High Speed ABEC 7 Bearings

- Available in 7 Great Colors - including some with Glitter!!!

- Batteries Not Required - Quality Dynamo between bearings produces the power

- Light Up Your Life!

illumin8 wheels use super bright and efficient LED technology that converts energy from the spinning wheel to generate the power to Light Up your wheels - batteries are never required. The faster you go, the brighter your wheels become. Available in 7 awesome semi-transparent colors (including some with Glitter), there will be a color to suit everyone.

illumin8 wheels can be used on any skate product, but here is a helpful guide for some Crazy products:

58mm - perfect for ROCKETS / FLASH / DISCO / GLAM
62mm - perfect for Celebrity ART / ZOOM / NEON

illumin8 LED Light Up Wheels by Crazy Skates - Light Up Your Life!