Celebrity ART

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- GALAXY Plate

- BOOST Adjustable Toe Stop

- New Classic Style Boot with Two Tone Outsole

- Padded Style Boot with Support

- Signature 60x32mm Performance Wheels

- ABEC 3 Bearings

The Celebrity ART, by the Crazy Skate Company - a timeless classic is given an elegant twist.

This classic, high white boot features modern lines and professional appointments. Starting with the new GALAXY composite plate with adjustable toe stop, right down to it’s slimline artistic wheels - this skate is all class.

To complement it’s beauty with strength, the Celebrity ART boasts a durable boot, metal lace hooks, double reinforced eyelets, 6 point plate fixing, metal trucks, steel kingpins, fiber reinforced skate plate and counter reinforcement for extra ankle support. The geometry and rigidity of this skates design, provides a superior action - giving a smooth, powerful glide and making challenging manoeuvres a breeze.

This wonderful skating feeling is not restricted to indoor surfaces, the Celebrity ART is perfectly suited to sunny outdoor skating as well.

The perfect platform for future champions, or those who already have a lifelong love of skating - the Crazy Skates Celebrity ART is the embodiment of skating elegance.

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